Monday, October 3, 2011

New boots!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I needed new boots.  April suggested and it was a great suggestion!  I ordered these boots, which were on major sale and they arrived today!  Well, they arrived sometime last week but I only got around to walking to the post office to pick them up today!

Yes concert tee- eBay; Mossimo skinny jeans - Target; MIA Pali boots -

I actually wore the good old gray Madden Girl boots on my walk there, but I put on my new brown boots immediately upon getting home.  I ordered an 8.5 because they didn't have the brown boots in a 9, and I was worried they would be too small.  And when I first put them on, I thought they were.  But I wore them around the house and realized that they're actually a pretty good fit.  My Madden Girl boots are actually a little TOO big, especially when I wear them with tights.  But I think these are going to work out just fine!

They're a really rich dark brown color and I don't think they look cheap.  I'm really looking forward to working out some new outfit combinations with these boots!

And now I want to talk about tucking.  All over the style blogosphere, I see really cute girls with their shirts tucked into their bottoms.  And I've gotten on board with tucking my tops into my skirts.  But I just can't seem to figure out tucking tops into jeans.  I think this is a mental holdover from growing up, when the only reason I wanted to tuck my shirt into my jeans was so that I could blouse it out, which I thought helped to hide my tum.  And now?  Well, now I just think it looks weird on me.

This may not have been the best top to tuck in because it is quite literally threadbare.  If I hold it up to the light, I can see through BOTH front & back of this shirt.  I do love it so.  I think tucking goes along with trousers in that they are both out of my comfort zone.  So it will just take some getting used to before I'm confident about either.  Also, how do you do that thing where you only tuck in the front part, but everything else lays really nicely?  Any time I try to do it, I just look sloppy.  I'm looking at you, Kendi!

Oh, p.s. I mentioned a project I was going to work on today!  And I did work on it!  But it needs a little more work and then I'll put up the post.  So you might get double posts today!  Go Mondays!

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