Thursday, October 6, 2011

Legs Down to the Floor

So, here is an interesting observation.  I wore this skirt without tights all summer long.  And I don't think I ever got nearly the amount of attention that I got today.  I'm a fan of the over-the-knee socks + boots + skirt, so this is not the first time I've noticed this.  Showing only, like, 6 inches of my thighs is apparently far, far more enticing than showing my entire leg.

Gray blazer - Halogen via Nordstrom Rack; Green tee - BDG via Urban Outfitters; Ruffle skirt - Gap; Gray TOK socks - Target; Brown boots - MIA via

It probably didn't help that it was a particularly windy day today and I kept worrying that all my ruffles were going to fly up and I'd be giving everyone a free show.  It didn't happen, thank goodness, but I think some of the attention I was getting was in anticipation of that!

I wore this on a walk to the post office to mail some packages.  I baked up some yummy yummy cookies last night, so I needed to get them in the mail ASAP.  I made Earl Grey shortbread for the Mister and shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate as a surprise for a friend!  I had to ditch the blazer later in the day because it got up into the 80s today!  That's crazy for October.  I'm hoping the weather cools down before my half marathon.  I don't want it to be COLD, but I wouldn't mind it being a little chilly!

Speaking of the half marathon!  I don't think I mentioned which race I'm doing.  It's called the Team Ortho Monster Dash and they encourage costumes, since it's so close to Halloween.  Originally, I wasn't going to wear a costume.  I just wanted to focus on actually finishing.  But as I've worked up to longer distances, I've gained confidence in my running and I know finishing is not going to be a problem.  And then when I was in Japan, I was in the dollar store and they had a little Halloween section.  And I found a headband with a tiny sparkly pink crown attached to it.  And I decided I could run in that.  Which led to ordering a tutu on Amazon.  Which led to buying a pair of wings for $1 at Target today.  Add to that the new running tights I bought to replace the stolen ones and a long sleeved top I bought for running in cooler weather and, well, I'm a Pretty Pretty Fairy Princess!

The tutu kind of makes me feel a little like The Bee Girl and Hoo Boy is the waistband tight.  It was advertised as "One Size Fits Most" but I don't know who most of those people are.  I had it at my tiniest point and it was still digging in!  I've got it stretched across a chair right now, with the hope that the elastic with loosen up before the race.  I've got 22 days, so I think my chances are pretty good.

I'm finally going to get around to doing laundry tomorrow, which means I'll be able finish cataloging my wardrobe.  I'm just so gun-shy about using the laundry room in my building.  It's in the basement and it's not exactly cozy, so I don't want to sit down there with my clothes for an hour, but I'm too nervous to leave them unattended.  So tomorrow morning I'll haul everything over to the laundromat and just get it done.

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