Monday, October 10, 2011

Put a Blazer on It! Or a Cardigan! Either way!

I might have mentioned a time or two before how much I love a good blazer.  I feel naked in just a top and bottom.  I feel far more put together when I can throw on some kind of top layer.  I settle for cardigans, but give me a good jacket every day of the week.  I used to have a lot more.  There was once a time in college when my girlfriends challenged me to wear a different jacket each day until I ran out.  It took me almost two weeks.  But since the weight loss and since the Great Purge of 2011, I've pared things down significantly.  And this is another area where I see big gaping holes.  Onward!

But that's not a blazer!  I hear you.  But I wasn't sure where else to put this.  It isn't even mine.  It belongs to the mister and I'm only holding on it for safe-keeping until he gets back from his deployment.  What is it about boy hoodies that makes them so comfy?  I've never been a hoodie-wearing kind of girl, but when the weather is cooler, I pretty much live in this hoodie & my black leggings when I'm bumming around the house.

Another hoodie?  Didn't I just say I'm not a hoodie-wearing a girl?  Truth is, I don't feel like me when I wear a hoodie.  But this one was a gift from the mister's mom and it is indeed comfy.  Once I relinquish the above hoodie, I have a feeling I'll be bumming around in this one.

Just a basic, black Mossimo cardigan from Target.  It's a workhorse, but nothing spectacular.

I picked up this floral print cardigan at H&M for $10.  It proved to be rather practical, given my penchant for white v-neck tees.

I think it's hard to tell, but the yarn of this cardigan is actually metallic.  It's another H&M find, but several years older than any of my other cardigans.  This one keeps being put on the discard pile, but then pulled out at the last minute.  I don't know why I'm so attached to it.

My oversized purple New York & Company cardigan.  Another sweater that probably belongs on the discard pile, but I just keep wearing it.  It's the great color!  I think that's something else that's missing from my wardrobe: colorful cardigans!

This cardigan definitely belongs in the discard pile.  Another H&M find, it is oversized, shapeless and has some sort of bleach mark near the hem.  It's basically a bathrobe and for a long time, I used to pack it in my suitcases to wear in hotel rooms on my trips.  I love that my facial expression & posture show how disenchanted with this cardigan I am.  Into the discard pile it goes!

This cardigan also needs a replacement.  I love a good long cardigan, but this one is a few years old and has been washed one too many times.  

And it's black equivalent.  Another workhorse.  Like I said, I love a good long cardigan!

I picked up this sparkly number on major sale at Gap.  Down to $18 from $118!  I'm basically a magpie and couldn't resist.  The only problem I'm having with it is that I'm afraid to wear a shoulder bag for fear of the sequins!  But then I saw Jentine at My Edit belt it, so maybe it's sturdier than I give it credit for.

I found this charcoal blazer for $20 at Nordstrom Rack.  I like the color and the shape is good, though I could have gone down a size.  The sleeves are normal length, but I rolled them up and haven't unrolled them since.  I have a weird thing about sleeves on my forearms.  I am forever pushing things up, which stretches out the sleeves on my cardigans.

And probably my favorite blazer ever.  My Perry Ellis blazer that I picked up at Savers for $6.  I love the light pink lining.  I love the longer length.  I love the lightweight material.  It's just a great, great jacket.

So now to address the gaps that I see.  I don't own a vest.  I have always owned vests.  I'm a big fan.  I've been on the lookout for one, but keep coming up empty.  As far as blazers go, I keep seeing bright colored blazers and I'm especially keen on bright pink.  I've also mentioned that I've had my eye out for a blush colored blazer.  And for years and years and years I have wanted a good tweed blazer in a flattering cut.  Maybe with suede elbow patches?  Or maybe not?  I'd also like to replace some of my more tired cardigans and bring some bright color in there too.

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