Monday, September 19, 2011

Jimi Jimi Jimi

So.  I've had this shirt since my freshman year of college.  It's an XL because I was a chubbier girl then and also I wore a lot of baggy clothes.  It's one of those shirts I just can't get rid of.  Even though it has a small hole in the armpit.  And even though I swim in it now.  I keep trying to style it in a way that looks cute & not trashy.  Because as much as I love this shirt (and Jimi Hendrix!), it really doesn't fit into my current wardrobe.  But I persist!

Perry Ellis blazer- Savers; Jimi Hendrix tshirt - The Hendrix Experience mobile museum; Olive skirt - Old Navy (found for $3.50 on sale!); Burgandy tights - HUE via Nordstrom Rack; Gray Madden Girl Boots - Peebles

My tripod arrived from Amazon on Friday and I've been trying to figure out the best place to take outfit photos.  The lighting was bad in my living room yesterday, so I had to use the flash, which I hate.  Also, there's the problem with my slanty floors.  All my photos turned out kind of crooked.  Thank goodness for the "straighten" option in Picasa.

Also, there's been no word from the Laundry Thief.  Somewhat surprisingly, there's also been no word back yet from my property management company OR the police.  I left both of them messages on Saturday morning, so I'm hoping I'll hear something by the end of the business day today.  I'm serious about filling out a police report.

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