Friday, September 9, 2011

Where the Magic Happens (and by "magic" I mean sleep)

Time to talk about my bedroom!

I love my bed.  Even though, according to pretty much everyone else who has ever slept in my bed (hi Mom!), my mattresses are crap.  It's my bed with my sheets & pillows & blankets and I love it.  The bedframe is sort of a place holder.  At my parents' house, I have a real wrought-iron bedframe that belonged to, I think, my step-dad's grandparents.  It became mine when I was in high school, on the understanding that I am never to get rid of it.  And why would I?  It's lovely!  But alas, it was too heavy & cumbersome for my parents to bring up in their truck when I first moved up to Minneapolis, so I got this lightweight look-alike at Ikea.  The quilt was from Urban Outfitters, on major sale a few years ago.

I especially love the bookcases-as-wall idea.  As soon as I decided to take this apartment, I started working with the floorplan in my head and this was one of my first ideas.  The only downside is that the backs of my bookcases are an ugly brown cardboard-ish material.  But that is an easy fix!  I just need to find some awesome wallpaper or wrapping paper to cover the backs.  Easy-peasy-pumpkin pie!

And there's my awesome hot pink vanity!  It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture ever!  And do you want to know the best part?  I paid $25 for it off Craigslist AND the guy delivered it to me!  That's a great deal, if I've ever heard of one!  It came with a little bench, which can be seen next to the door in my living room pictures.  The plan for that is to re-upholster it and paint it, though not to go with the vanity.  I found the chair in an alley in my neighborhood.  I was originally going to paint it pink to match, but I got lazy and left it white.  It definitely need a new coat of paint, though. 

The little door to the left of my vanity leads to my little "linen closet" area.

And by "linen closet" area, I just mean the four shelves on the wall in the hall between the closet & the bathroom.  My mom had the brilliant idea of putting up the tension rod & curtains to hide my shelves.  I wish I could hide the catbox too, but my cat is a weirdo and she likes pulling anything in reach INTO the box.  So, the curtains have to be up higher so she can't reach them.  

To the right is the bathroom!

I love that shower curtain!  It's from the Shabby Chic line at Target & I love it enough that when an identical one went on sale, I snatched it up, just in case!  I'm trying to get maintenance to come in & raise the shower head & thus the curtain for me.  They said it's probably do-able, but they haven't stopped by yet.  I don't like the curtain dragging on the ground like that, but more importantly, when I stand in the shower, I'm eye level with the shower head!  No good!

Tomorrow I'll show you the closet & my kitchen!

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  1. Can you just paint the backs of your shelves white? A quart of paint should do ya.

    Urban Outfitter's bedding is so fantastic and girly. It would never fly with the bf. This is like my girly dream come true! :)