Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hooray for Pockets

More new things!  I worked pretty hard to get the most bang out of my birthday bucks.  We got lucky and hit the mall on a day when everyone was having sales on top of sales.  The jeans are new, as is the cuddly sweater.

Floral scarf - H&M; Slouchy sweater - Gap; NextLevel white v-neck tee -; Rock & Republic skinny jeans - Nordstrom Rack; Black pointy-toed flats - Nine West

In addition to resting my knee after the race, I was also nursing a cold that started the day I got back from Japan.  Thanks to a magical cocktail of Advil + Sudafed, I felt pretty okay.  But bumming around the house means wearing cozy things and I was very grateful for this sweater.  It's like a nicer version of the Mister's Navy hoodie, and I actually wear it out of the house!

Plus, it has pockets for my tissues!  It's a little on the large side because it was the last one they had in the store that didn't have holes in it.  But I feel like with something that is supposed to be slouchy & comfy, the larger size doesn't look oversized.

I'm feeling MUCH better today and I'd say my knee is at 90%, so not quite all the way healed.  Most of the time I forget about it, but then sometimes I move my knee in an odd way and it reminds me, "Oh hey, yeah, that hurts."  But I've been stretching it and bending it as instructed, so I'm confident I'll have a full recovery.  I'm not planning to run on it any time soon though.

So, these jeans are by Rock & Republic.  And I am in LOVE with how they fit me!  They hit me at a place on my hips that doesn't cause muffin top, they don't slide down too much and they are a good length.  I'm not outrageously tall, but I've still got long legs which can make pants-buying complicated.  The only thing I'm not 100% in love with about these jeans is the embroidery on the butt pockets.  By R&R standards, this is tame.  I tried on another pair that had red & turquoise stitching along with some rhinestones for good measure.  But I think the blue-on-blue is pretty subtle.  And seriously.  These jeans are super comfy AND super flattering.  Plus, they were on sale!  I'll put up with butt pocket foolery for that.

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