Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Old & New

So, apparently there were other outfit photos from before the Long Pause hiding on my memory card.

Gray Halogen blazer - Nordstrom Rack; Feather blouse - H&M; Pink lace skirt - Target; Purple tights - HUE via Nordstrom Rack; Black Etienne Aigner boots - Marshalls

As far as outfits go, maybe not the most adventurous.  I was also low on clean clothes and dug the feather blouse out of the Discard Pile because I had nothing else to wear.  After I washed it, it went right back into the pile.  It's just too big and unflattering.

The boots are new!  They are technically for work, but I like them so much I couldn't resist taking them on a trip to Target.  I found them on a layover in DC a few weeks ago and I've worn them to work twice (including the 6-day trip!) and found them to be quite comfortable, considering I only wear them during boarding & deplaning and whilst walking through the airport.  I slip into flats for the service.

And there are more new things!

Purple tweedy blazer & faux-leather leggings - Gap; Tshirt- Jimi Hendrix Experiences; Black pointy-toed flats - Nine West

Oh yes.  I'm wearing faux-leather leggings.  I tried them on as a lark when I was shopping with my mom & sister.  And then I left them behind.  And totally regretted it.  After they left, my sister texted me and told me to go back and get them.  I had to return something for my mom anyway and the cash back from that was pretty much equal to the cost of the leggings ($17! On Sale!) so I took the plunge.  And I am SO pleased with this purchase.  

They do nothing for my hiney, but I think we've established that there is really no help to be had for that.  The blazer is also new, and was also $17!  I do love a good sale.  It fulfills my want of tweed and it is a different cut than my other two blazers.  Plus, I've decided that purple is a neutral.  Think about it.  You can wear purple with black, brown, blue, red, pink, ALL the colors!  And in my book, that makes it a neutral.

This last photo is just to brag about being spoiled.  The Boyfriend had that gorgeous bouquet sent on Saturday to congratulate me on my race and to wish me a happy early birthday.  Every day is bringing the end of this deployment closer and I couldn't be happier about that.  I'm ready to have my mister back!

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