Tuesday, November 15, 2011


And once again, it's been a week since I updated.  Let's just call November a slow month and move on, shall we?  To make up for my lack of posting, I've got a whole slew of photos.  This weekend I went to visit one of my best friends, V, in Tulsa.  I forgot to ask her to take a photo of my traveling outfit, which is a shame because I think it looked really cute.  Another time, I suppose.

I flew into Tulsa on Friday and V & I went to dinner and then hit up a bar she frequents.  While we were there, she realized she had completely forgotten about a friend's housewarming party.  She asked if I wanted to go and I figured, Hey, why not?  So off we went!  There were quite a few people there and I tried some kind of whiskey that tasted like cake.  I didn't think to pay much attention to the bottle, but it was delicious.  The crowd was quite lovely and friendly and I met & talked to a LOT of people.

On Saturday, we decided to hit up all the photo ops in town.  the first stop was a statue of Abraham Lincoln that someone carved out of a dead tree.  Then we stopped into the store where V works.  For some reason, they have a horse statue in the fitting room area, so of course we posed awkwardly with the horse.  I wish the lighting had been better for photos, but I can see how it would be flattering for trying on clothes!

One of the things I love about V is that she is a super PRO at accessorizing.  Watching her put together an outfit is always really fun because she'll pull out things that maybe don't look like they go together and by the time she's done, she has this cohesive look going on.  She mentioned wanting to start her own style blog and I'll let y'all know if she does, because she would definitely be a good read!  That belt she's wearing in that photo was so great.  I think I need her to tutor me in the art of accessorizing.

There was also a gorgeous green leather couch in the fitting room area and I was in love with it.  The shape was super classic, but the color gave it a sort of modern twist.  So, of course, we made one of V's employees take our photo on it.

On Saturday night, V & a girlfriend took me to a country dancing bar!  I've been to a country dance place once before and going again only reiterated that I am incapable of two-stepping.  It's just not in my personal skill set!  I wore my pleather leggings, my embellished chiffon-y tank & the leopard cardigan along with my black flats.  I thought I'd stick out a bit more, but there as so much glitz & glimmer going on, I fit right in!  We mostly stood around & watched all the awesome dancers until one dude came along and danced with all three of us. I was hesitant, because, like I said, I can't two-step.  But he convinced me to go out on the floor and he spun me around like a top!  And then, oh man, he flipped me.  Like, ass-over-elbows flipped me.  It was so crazy!  And I was not expecting it, so I sort of got stuck mid-way and also, one of my shoes went flying!  It was so embarrassing, but pretty fun.  I can't say I'd ever been flipped on a dance floor before!

Sunday was very low-key.  We slept in, made pancakes and then went for a drive to see the Center of the Universe.  I did indeed hear a weird echo when I talked while standing in the circle.  And I didn't hear any weird echoes of the people who were checking it out before me & V got a turn.  Very odd, and very worth a stop!


For dinner, I taught V how to make gnocchi (using this recipe) and she taught me how to make pizza dough (using this recipe).  Both cooking experiments turned out great and we sort of ate two dinners.  First the gnocchi, then the pizza!  We made enough gnocchi that V could freeze several meals' worth for when she's short on time or inspiration for dinner!

The rest of Sunday was spent with V doing reading for class and me practicing embroidery stitches.  While in Tulsa, I decided I needed a new hobby.  I mentioned to V that I was thinking of taking up embroidery and she drove me to Joann Fabrics to pick up some supplies.  So far, I think it was a good choice of hobby!  I used to do counted cross-stitch when I was little, but I think I like the freedom that embroidery gives me.  I can use an iron-on pattern as a guide, but the colors and the stitches are pretty much all up to me!  How fun!  This picture shows that practice makes perfect.  The rose on the right was my first practice rose.  The one of the left was after I figured out how to better use the pattern.  Let's call the one on the right a Study in Abstract Florals, yeah?  Yeah.  I can't wait to embroider EVERYTHING!

V is a fantastic hostess and I can't wait to have her up to Minneapolis again sometime soon!

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