Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After Christmas Sales!

So, I have a bad habit of buying a lot of stuff for myself around the holidays because there are such good deals everywhere I turn.  I definitely hit up sales for Christmas gifts too (woke up hella early to get my mom a Nook on Black Friday, for no good reason as it turns out), but I'm not gonna lie.  There is a lot of new stuff in my apartment that was not gifted.

Case in point, I was wandering the SkyWay downtown the day before yesterday after spending an hour reading Bossypants on my Nook (yes, I bought one for myself too) at B&N and I wandered into the Gap.  I'm kind of like a moth to a flame with the flame being a giant "50% off Sale Items" sign.  Sales at the Gap (sidenote: are they still "The" Gap?  Or just Gap now?  Anyone?) are my fave because they will eventually offer some extra percentage off things that are already on sale and then things are ridiculously inexpensive.  I took the opportunity to fill the "pullover sweater" hole in my closet and the "colorful pants" hole.  I was pretty pleased with my purchases.

Black Perry Ellis blazer - Thrifted; YES concert tee - eBay; Blue legging jeans - Gap; Black pointy-toed flats - Nine West

Y'all, those legging jean things are super comfy.  The material is thinner than denim and pretty stretchy and I may have put them on the day I bought them and then also wore them yesterday and then also wore them again today.  I'd also like the thank Gap for thinking I am still a ridiculously tiny size.  I've been super lazy between my injury, the colder weather, and not a lot of layovers, so it's nice to see I'm at least maintaining the status quo.  Especially considering I am currently indulging in some peanut butter M&Ms that were 30% off at Target.  Yay for post-Christmas sales!

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