Thursday, December 29, 2011

Owl Always Love Owls

Please excuse the horrible pun in the title, but it was only appropriate.  I know that owls are trendy.  They were trendy a few years ago, then they disappeared and were replaced by, like, deer or some other kind of forest animal.  And then they were back!  And they were everywhere!  Put a bird on it?  No way, man, put an OWL on it!  Friends and family have realized that I like owls and so I get a lot of really cool, unique owl-themed gifts.

Today, I took a walk to the post office to pick up a package that had had an adventure.  My mom accidentally put the wrong zip code and no one at the post office seemed to notice that, when they entered the zip code, the computer indicated the package was to go to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but the address label clearly said Minneapolis, Minnesota.  So, my package took a bit of a detour, but eventually made it to it's destination, chock full o' holiday gifties!

And at the bottom of the box, my mom had added something she found of mine from childhood.  Neither of us can give it an exact date, but we are thinking it had to be 1st or 2nd grade because my 3rd grade teacher was kind of the worst.  And it just proves that I was into owls waaaay before every one else.  I was into owls before owls were cool, y'all.  And I'll probably still be into them when they are passe again.

Black sweater - Gap; Pink lace skirt - Target; Black fleece-lined tights - Marshalls; Gray boots - MaddenGirl; Pink scarf - San Lorenzo Market in Florence

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