Friday, December 2, 2011

Old Man Winter

Well, I've been trying to ignore it, but it would seem that Winter is finally here in Minneapolis.  We got a dusting of snow the other day and it has stuck around.  The temps are hovering just above freezing and it looks like it'll dip into the 20s next week.  I took a walk up to Marshall's & Target today to do some more Christmas shopping (it never ends!) and I found myself a pair of fleece-lined tights.  I am sooo excited about those!

In the meantime, I apparently got rid of ALL my tights in The Great Purge of 2011.  This burgundy pair is the only pair I have.  The fleece-lined tights are black, so those will come in handy, but I would love to get some more colors.

 And yes, I know.  I've worn this jacket in 3 of the last 4 outfits I've posted.  But I can't help it.  I like it that much.  This is also another one of those outfits where maybe purple, turquoise & burgundy don't REALLY go together, but they sort of look all right together, so I wear them together.

Also, I stole this skirt from my friend V.  It was in her discard pile and it is so quintessentially V that I had to rescue it, if only in case she ever wants it back.  I actually have photos of her in this skirt from college.

Purple tweedy jacket - Gap; Owl tee -; Black pleated skirt - stolen from V; Burgundy tights - HUE via Nordstrom Rack; Gray boots - Madden Girl

And finally.  I always seem to pose in EXACTLY the same way, every post.  This morning I was trying to make things more interesting, and this skirt is so great for twirling, so I started spinning around.  The only problem is that my kitchen is kind of narrow.  And there's not a lot of room for spinning.  Which led to the following:

Yep.  I have a lovely little bruise on my hip from ramming myself into the counter.  Please note that Stella looks only mildly concerned.  I'm grateful I didn't make a video of this because it involved some language I'd rather my mother not think about me using.  But the last time I twirled, I did get a pretty good shot.

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