Friday, December 30, 2011

Drinking Coffee in MY Room

I'm on call over New Year's Eve, but the way it's looking, I may not be flying.  If I end up at home, that'll be okay.  I rang in the new year last year at home.  Someday I will have really fun holidays again, but for now, I'll hang out with my baby cat.

I intend to ring in the New Year with a clean apartment, so I have no intention of getting dressed today.  I clean better in my PJs anyway.  I'm currently procrastinating on this cleaning, so I'm drinking coffee and snuggling with Stella.

During my morning Internetting, I stumbled up on the following link:  10 To-Do's Before Your Start That New Year's Resolution and I intend to knock a couple of those things off the list.

My basic resolution for 2011 was To Get My Shit Together.  That mostly referred to my finances because I am not always so good with money.  I'm still not so great with money, but I've made a lot of good strides this year.  I am down to 2 credit cards that I try very hard not to use (damn you Christmas!) and I have plans to pay off at least half of one of them in February.  February is my Rich Month because I do my taxes as soon as I get my W-2, so I usually get my tax return plus my holiday pay from work and this year I can look forward to a profit-sharing check from work as well.  So I hold off on any major purchase or financial plans until February, when I feel rich.  So yes.

In addition to getting my money right, I've been working on taking better care of myself.  I've maintained my weight and I've actually dipped lower than my original goal.  I wash my face every night and every morning.  I try to drink enough water.  I try to feed my body good things (I've not been doing so great on that one lately, hello Cinnamon Toast Waffles).

And lastly, I've been really good about keeping my apartment relatively tidy.  It's sort of a disaster right now, but I still clean the kitchen every night and sweep the rest of the place regularly.  Out of all my resolution-related accomplishments in 2011, I think Becoming A Clean Person has been the one I am most proud of because, let's face it, I'm lazy.  And Being A Clean Person is hard for us lazy folk.  But I'm overcoming my laziness!

Did any of you make resolutions this year?  How'd you do?  Do you have any resolutions for next year?  I'll be back tomorrow to talk about my 2012 Resolutions!

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