Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sparkle Boobs

I just KNOW that title is probably going to attract the wrong crowd, but you know what?  Don't care.  I'm excited about my new Sparkle Boob Sweater.  It's like the exact combination of fun & festive & simple.  And it was on sale!  But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Yesterday, I had a TON of errands to run.  I'm going out of town tomorrow because the Mister is FINALLY coming home and I CANNOT WAIT to see his handsome face again.  Y'all, it has been seven (SEVEN!) long months that he has been gone and I am counting the hours.  But, again, getting off track (can you tell I'm distracted?).  When I was in Amsterdam, the weather was in the upper 40s, a little cloudy & drizzly, but decent. Yesterday in Minneapolis, it was 12 degrees.  That's really, really cold.  So, I wanted to be warm, but I wanted to be bright because sometimes I feel like I wear too much dark clothing in the colder months.

I am still in love with these cords and I'm super grateful to my girl V for giving them to me.  I like how tucking them into the boots gave them a sort of equestrian feel.  And they are so soft and so stretchy.

Floral blouse - Old Navy; Burgundy tank top - Target; Camel cords - Anthropologie via V; Brown MIA boots -

My list of errands involved getting an extra set of keys for my friend J to come watch Stella.  I am so thankful to her for offering to check in on the baby cat because I really hate leaving her alone for long periods of time.  But now J has a set of keys and she works & lives not too far from me, so she'll be able to stop in on the girl and give her some love & attention when I'm out of town.

So, I picked up the keys and delivered them to J at work and then I needed to go to Target to return some things and pick up some other things.  And I stopped in at Marshalls on the way there, because, well, that's what I do.  I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to wear to the pier when the Mister's ship comes in, and I was hoping to find a really awesome skirt or dress, but instead I chanced upon the Sparkle Boob Sweater.

I've made mention of my magpie tendencies SEVERAL times on this blog.  I just can't help it.  I am drawn to the shinies of the world.  And I saw this sweater, the only one of its kind, languishing on the clearance rack.  It was $20.  I honestly spent about ten minutes in this sweater, trying to convince myself that I didn't REALLY need a Sparkle Boob Sweater.  I only took it into the dressing room for fun, but the fact that it actually totally matched what I was already wearing made me start considering it seriously.

Aside from the sequins, it is very casual.  I feel like it is festive enough to wear to any holiday occasions I might attend, but it doesn't scream CHRISTMAS!!!  The light colors mean I can wear it all winter & still carry it through any chilly days in the spring too.  And I mean, come on.  Sparkle Boobs.  What's not to love?

And speaking of sparkles, today is the LAST day you can enter the GIVEAWAY!!!  So head on over there & leave a comment right quick!  I'm going to randomly pick a winner tonight and announce it in the morning, so go sign up!

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